Thursday, November 8, 2012

Driving assignment of the day

Assignment of the day: Going to pick up my son from daycare. 

Distance: 4 km to destination from home. (8 km back and forth)

Road conditions: slippery 0 Celsius and congested (commuter rush hours). Dark, but good visibility considering everything is lid 

Speed limits along the route: 30, 40 and 50 km/h

How did it go. I was a bit tense during my driving, happy and relieve when I arrived home. I had the radio on but I cannot remember what was in there, probably because they were talking in Finnish :D

My son's evaluation of my driving. Antonio, today I am taking you by car to home. Mama, where is papa? Are you capable of driving alone :D?, yes Antonio. Ok he said. Then, once at home. Antonio did you like the trip?, yes mama but you drive slower than papa. I assume I did good

What was I thinking while driving and why was I so tense:

First at traffic light waiting for green to turn to right, the car behind me is a bit too close for my liking, let’s move a bit to the front. Well the driver behind me close the gap again, sigh!, but turning went ok.

Second. Road speed limits is 40 km/h, I am sticking to it on my meter and slowing down when approaching pedestrian crossing to see all those people without reflectors, and be prepare to break softly, it is slippery you know. So that keep me busy.

Third. A left turn approaching with traffic light, nothing challenging, made sure to take the right lane for the turn, signaled my turn, took the turn at the right speed to be able to react to pedestrians crossing.. ok

Forth. Move to the right lane, to turn right in the next intersection. Arrow lights easy.

Fifth. A left turn approaching without traffic light. Had to give way to almost everyone except for the guy on my left, hey the guy on my left is going already, ok wait longer, luckily nobody was behind me, but now someone is and now I can go.. went ok

Sixth. The slowest part, 30 km/h speed limit, two way road with bumpers and lots of things obstructing the road, had to be aware of cars coming from the opposite direction and check well in advance if the two of us could fit in the road or if I have to wait for them to pass first. Went ok.

Seven. Arriving at destination, plenty of room to park the car. Happy still managed to put the car a bit too far from the edge for my liking, but I am not obstructing the traffic. So it is ok.

Sigh! I have to do this again to go back home.. let’s get Antonio and go back.

On my way back, I was reluctant to do a 180 degree turn on a two way street (everybody does it) but not me, I rather went to a swimming hall parking lot and used it for turning around. Safer.

Pretty much the same things on the route back, but I was happy when a taxi driver was waiting for me to pass in that full of obstructions road. I was waiving at him and other drivers to let them know my appreciation, but keeping my eyes on the front of course .

Then, almost when arriving home there is another left turn. I signaled and waited while cars from the opposite direction where crossing, went a bit to the front making sure I was not blocking any lanes. Great the last car is gone, traffic turned to yellow, lets cross.. I managed and nobody complained, probably the guy waiting to turn left behind me, was happy I went already on yellow.


  1. Thanx Jurate. I have been driving twice now to my local supermarket, I am slightly less nervous but I found myself a bit of a sloppy driver.. need to practice more..