Monday, November 12, 2012

I should know better

Today was my first commuting to work driving solo. It did not go as smoothly as I would have hoped, I arrived safely to my destination however. I will probably update this entry to tell how the way back went. It is going to be dark. Below a list of mistakes.

  1. Gear shifting mishap. Switched to second from third to take a roundabout, took my foot out of the throttle but the speed was too low for it, so I struggled getting back to first once in the roundabout. Not sure what I did really, the engine did not stole, but I my wheels spin quite a bit because I press the gas too much. I keep telling to myself, relax you should know better. The guy on my back kept his distance, I guess he must have thought judging by my wheels that the pavement was slippery and I was a clumsy driver.
  2. Overtook a truck when I did not really have to. This was an overconfident me, I was going behind a truck,  85 km/h on a 100 km/h limit. A very short stretch really (1 km) but I said I have the space let’s overtake, it went fine but it was too risky. First I was not sure if I could merge to the right immediately after overtaking, because I needed to take an exit immediately after, Grr. It went fine, overtook, took the exit, slowdown before the curve, switched to third once in the curve to break a bit more on the engine, but I will not do it again. I should have known better..
  3. Advice. Do not keep your sunglasses in the car if the weather is cold.  There will be some condensation happening immediately after you put them on, that happened because the glasses were cold and my skin was warm. Man it got my heart raising because I could not see, put them off immediately, put my normal glasses and try to clean the dark ones while waiting at the traffic light. But they got condensed again. I keep my normal glasses on for the rest of the journey, the sun was not shinning that much on face anyway.

Average heart rate: 131 bmp. (a piece of the log included geting ready, taking the garbage out and helping my son to put his coat on)
Calories: 346 :)

Check the log, speed and route:

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